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    Introducing a new revolutionary line of staplers...our new EZ Squeeze™ of staplers allow users to staple more sheets with less effort to redefine ease of use in stapling.

    The all new EZ Squeeze™ line of staplers feature a patent pending precision engineered EZ Squeeze™ mechanism that reduces stapling effort by up to 55% for easy one finger stapling performance.  The innovative EZ Squeeze™ mechanism operates smoothly and quietly, eliminating the disturbingly loud snapping sound common with other reduced effort staplers. 

    The staplers also feature the Stanley Bostitch® Flat Clinch System that precisely clinches the staple flat versus the more common round clinch.  This unique system delivers a more professional appearance, and helps keep stacks of stapled documents neat by eliminating the “corner stack up” common with traditional round clinch staplers.  This means your stacks of stapled documents will now require up to 45% less filing space than before, a welcomed benefit for offices with space constrained filing.   

    The combination of our EZ Squeeze™ Technology and our Flat Clinch System also allow the staplers to staple up to 2X more sheets than traditional desk staplers.

    We have also eliminated the hassle that users tend to have in deciphering the proper leg length staple to use with traditional heavy duty staplers that require multiple staple sizes. Conveniently, the staplers in the EZ Squeeze™ line all just use ONE size staple!

    Aside from innovative performance, these staplers also deliver innovative style. Designed with a new iconic sleek flare to complement any office and provide a modern professional look.

    The EZ Squeeze™ line of staplers feature 4 models:

    B9040 EZ Squeeze™ 40 Flat Clinch Stapler

    B850 EZ Squeeze™ 50 Flat Clinch Stapler

    B875 EZ Squeeze™ 75 Flat Clinch Stapler

    B8130 EZ Squeeze™ 130 Flat Clinch Stapler