6 Holiday Games & Activities

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Looking for a fun way to spruce up your holiday party? Whether you’re planning the perfect winter wonderland party for your school, home, or office, we have 6 perfect holiday games and activities for you! All games and activities are kid-friendly and can be played with the whole family!

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Yankee Swap

Rather than spending money on gifts for everyone this holiday season, participate in a Yankee Swap! Save money and stress by only having to buy one present for someone to pick at random.

How the game works: Start by determining a spending limit between you and your family or friends that will be a reasonable price to stick to. Because the gifts are picked at random, it is best to choose presents that are unisex and can be versatile for everyone’s use. Once you arrive at the party, place all the presents on a table and have each guest pick a number from a hat. The guests can then choose a gift from the table in the order of which their number was drawn!

Ornament Spoon Race

This game is super simple and easy! All you need are a few spoons and Christmas tree ornaments to get the teams kicked off!

How the game works: Start by breaking up your party into teams and having each team grab an ornament of their choosing and a spoon. Next, make two markers (preferably on two different ends of a driveway or a field) and split the teams so there is an even number standing on each side. The player to go first will have to balance the ornament on the spoon and pass it off to the partner on the other end, without dropping it. If a team drops the ornament they are disqualified. To make it more interesting, add obstacles for contestants to try to get over!

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Game adapted from Untumble

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Holiday "Most Likely To"

This game is perfect for a party where guests may not be totally familiar with each other yet. Make a set of cards with holiday themed questions where someone will draw the card from the pile and read it out loud. The person who draws the card will then choose who at the party they think is most likely to have done what the card suggests.

Example Questions: Who is most likely to have gone Christmas Caroling? Believed in Santa Claus until they were 10 years old? Has celebrated the holidays in another country?

And any other creative holiday questions you can think of!

Holiday Minute to Win it

This game is meant for large parties where teams of 3-5 will compete in different categories against the clock. This is a great way to get your guests moving and, in a fun competitive spirit!

How the game works: Create categories on a game sheet that each team will have to compete against the other teams. Each team will have 1-2 minutes to complete the task based on the extent of the task. Points can be awarded based on each team’s completion of the game!

Example Tasks: Which team can make the biggest pile of snow using sand shovels, which team can get the most candy canes from one bowl to another without using their hands, which team can unwrap the presents the fastest wearing oven mits, and much more!

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Game adapted from Bright Green Door

pin the nose on the snowman

Game adapted from Living Well Mom

Pin the Nose on the Snowman

This is a party favorite for all kids, especially during the holiday season! Rather than pin the tail on the donkey, make it festive with a pin the nose on the snowman twist!

How the game works: Start by creating a large snowman out of paper and attaching it to a cardboard background. Then create a nose that has a small tac attached to it for attaching to the snowman. Before playing, kids are blindfolded and have to try to pin the nose to the board and the child who gets the nose closest to where it should be wins!

Ugly Sweater Contest

Looking for a theme for your party? Why not make it the classic ugly holiday sweater contest! Party guests will arrive wearing an ugly holiday sweater and the host will get to decide by the end of the night who has the ultimate ugly sweater! Prizes can vary based on the age range!

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Let us know if these games were helpful to your party planning and tag us on twitter (@Bostitchoffice) with pictures from your holiday party!

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