Simple & Festive Curled Pumpkin Craft

Curled Pumpkin Craft

With the change of seasons and excitement of Halloween approaching, it can be helpful to keep hyper students and kids busy with some staple Fall crafts. However, many art projects can be quite messy, with paint and glitter flying everywhere when it gets into the hands of tiny ones. Even classic pumpkin carving asks for major clean up.

Luckily, this rolled paper pumpkin craft is simple in that it only requires minimal materials, all of which are budget-friendly and easy to provide in bulk for classrooms. While it’s sure to keep the little ones entertained, it’s festive enough to decorate with for Fall months to come!

Materials Needed:

The beauty of these rolled pumpkins is that there is no right or wrong in terms of creating the actual design. Each child is allowed and even encouraged to create their own individual pumpkin so that they are proud of the final result.

Start by cutting the orange construction paper into long strips. Keep in mind that a lot more orange paper strips are needed, as this makes up the body of the pumpkin. Again, there is no set width. In fact, the end result turns out better when there is various thickness, creating a 3-D project. We used the Stanley Guppy™ 5" Kids Scissors, but any of the kids' scissors from our product line will do the trick!

For each individual paper pumpkin made, one black/brown and two green strips of paper are needed as well.

Next step, just roll with it! No, really - just roll. Use rounded, tube-like objects to curl the paper. Anything is fair game – pencils, glue sticks, even fingers. Objects of different thickness are ideal once again, as different sized circles create the best, most unique curled pumpkins. Remember to place a small amount of glue or a staple at the outside end of each one so they don’t unravel.

Once enough orange pieces are created to reach the desired size, arrange them together in a rounded pumpkin shape. The key is to have fun with it. When your ideal shape has been established, glue or staple your now-pumpkin together. Essentially, all of the small circles should be attached as one large circle.

Paper Pumpkin Craft GIF

For finishing touches, fold the black/brown strip of paper in half and curl two pieces of green to creates the stem and leaves. Staple them to the top and you’re done!

Do this with your kids to hang on the wall, or in a classroom to create a full harvest. Either way, this is bound to keep energized bodies busy and in the Fall spirit!