Free Printable Classroom Awards

Free Printable Classroom Awards

One of the best ways to help your students learn new techniques and lessons is to reward their good behavior and hard work! If they've done an outstanding job solving a problem or bringing in their homework every day, reward them with the great job certificate. If a student has shown up on time every day, let them know that you appreciate their diligence with the perfect attendance award! We've even created a happy birthday certificate to make your students feel extra special on their big day. With our free printable classroom awards, you can reward your students throughout the whole school year!

Click each photo to download a full-size PDF and laminate any of these free printable classroom awards to reuse and hand out all school year long!

achievement Awardachievement Award

Achievement Award

Great JobGreat Job

Grear Job Certificate 

Happy Birthday Certificate Happy Birthday Certificate

Happy Birthday Certificate 

Perfect AttendancePerfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance Award

star student awardstar student award

Star Student Award

Don't forget to let your class know what a great job they've done any time they've achieved a new goal by rewarding them with an achievement award. Have a standout student who just excels at everything? Let them know they rock by giving them the start student award! We would love to see how you and your students use these printables by tagging us on Twitter (@bostitchoffice)!

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