20 Printable Classroom Games & Activities

Printable Classroom Games

What classroom full of kids (and teachers) doesn't appreciate fun games to keep busy? We've provided 20 free printable games - and they're all classics! The activities include word searches, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, mini mazes and tic tac toe.

Out of school but don't want your kids to forget what they have learned? These worksheets are perfect for at-home activities to help keep your children's minds engaged! Plus, it keeps them busy so you can work from home or get your chores done without distrations from your little ones! With these free classroom games, your students will have plenty of fun playing and learning at the same time!

The first two sections, word searches and sudoku, are separated from the rest since they're more fitting for an older age, such as late elementary into middle school. The last category is filled with challenges ideal for early elementary kids. However, we're not telling you how to have fun - participate in whatever activities you desire!

Get playing and click each photo to download a full-size PDF!


Printable Word Searches

Test your eyes with these themed printable word searches! New to spelling? This may help kids recognize new words to add to their vocabulary! Plus, who doesn't love a dinosaur word search?

Classroom Word Search

Days of the Week Word Search

Shapes Word Search

Colors Word Search

Dinosaurs Word Search

Printable Sudoku

These printable Sudoku puzzles for kids are bound to keep them busy for a while! Once children get the hang of how to play, this will become their new favorite puzzle. Each printable includes a blank board and answer key.

Sudoku Puzzle #1

Sudoku Puzzle #2

Sudoku Puzzle #3

Sudoku Puzzle #4

Printable Mazes, Puzzles & Much More

Connect the dots and play dough mats are just the beginning of exploring creativity. Make sure you complete Carl the Cow's maze so he can get back to the barn! These printable mazes and kids puzzles give children a break from all the technology surrounding them so they can get back to paper and pen fun.

Frank the Frog Maze

Carl the Cow Maze

Sudoku Puzzle #3

Ocean Connect the Dots

Flower Connect the Dots

Dots and Boxes

Sky Jigsaw Puzzle

Lake Jigsaw Puzzle

Cloud Playdough Mat

Ladybug Playdough Mat

Play Money

Teachers - try laminating the games and giving students dry erase markers. You can use them again and again - and you won't waste paper! Let us know if these helped keep your children and students busy by tagging us on Twitter (@Bostitchoffice).

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