How to Reuse Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

Now that October has come to an end and you’ve already taken the kids trick-or-treating, there is only one Halloween question still lingering: what do I do with all this leftover candy?! You’ve already stuffed yourselves with all the candy you could imagine but somehow there is still candy left lingering in your house. We’re here to tell you some unique ways to put those extra bags of Halloween candy to use.

gingerbread house

Gingerbread Houses

Now that Halloween is over, the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching fast. One DIY activity you can turn into a holiday tradition with your family is making gingerbread houses! This is the perfect craft to bring the family together and get rid of any lingering Halloween candy you still have in the house! Plus, it adds a decorative touch to your kitchen for the holiday seasons!

25 Days to Christmas Advent Calendar

Saving extra Halloween candy can be the perfect way to make your own DIY advent calendar. Count down 25 days of Christmas in a fun way with your kids by creating a calendar that holds a little piece of chocolate to be eaten each day the holiday creeps closer. Not only does this get rid of any excess candy but it gives you something to look forward to doing every night with the kids, and you get a sweet treat before bed! Check out our DIY Holiday Advent Calendar blog for inspiration!

advent calendar

trail mix

DIY Trail Mix

Looking for a sweet treat but don’t want to overdo it on the leftover Halloween candy? Rather than indulging in bags of leftover candy, add a few pieces to your own DIY trail mix. Just pick up some peanuts, almonds, and dried bananas to mix together and add your favorite pieces of candy to the bag. This makes it a perfect grab-and-go snack to take to work, school, or just to have while running errands.

Adding Candy to Baked Goods

If you’re looking for a way to sweeten up your baked goods, using left over Halloween candy is the perfect way to add some extra flavor. Add a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or extra Hershey’s bars to your brownie mix for an added blast of flavor your kids and guests will love. Making cookies? Use the left-over m&m’s to mix in with your chocolate chip cookie dough batter. These sweet treats will bring nothing but joy to your holiday parties!

baked goods

Don’t let all that Halloween candy go to waste, use our tips to help make those pieces disappear throughout the upcoming holiday seasons. Show us what fun and creative ways you decided to use your extra candy by tagging us on twitter (@Bostitchoffice)!

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