Do you think your desk is complete with everything you need to complete your daily functions? Well, you may want to think again. Aside from your sought-after pair of scissors and favorite mousepad, your office could use some of the following…


1. Gel Mousepad

Chances are you already have a mouse pad. However, we bet you don’t already have a gel mousepad. These are great for receptionists and other jobs that require constant computer use, taking pressure off of wrists. These can even help decrease the symptoms of carpal tunnel.


Plants in Office

2. DIY Garden

While this isn’t really a “supply”, bringing some greens inside the office has benefits for sure. Introducing plants into your workspace is said to increase productivity, according to Women on Business, along with reduce stress and provide cleaner air; “Tasks are completed faster, fewer mistakes are made, and focus and concentration levels are boosted. This is especially true in the case of computer workers who experienced a 10-15% boost in their productivity due to the presence of plants in research studies.”


Bostitch Konnect

3. Bostitch Konnect™

Looking to up your office aesthetic? An effective way to do so is with our new Konnect™ workspace and organization system. Since 31 percent of employees think their workspace is either too small or too messy, this new and innovative product line allows consumers to purchase all-in-one desktop kits or individual supplies. This includes everything from stackable file trays and sticky note holders, to phone docks and matching staplers. So, what's the takeaway? Konnect™ allows you to customize the perfect desktop layout to fit all needs, while providing style that is easy on the eyes. Check out this awesome workspace management system here.


Stability Balls

4. Stability Balls

Again, this is not a real office supply in the general sense. Though, we still are loving it. Stability balls have their benefits, but replacing them with an office chair isn’t for everyone. While this method of taking a seat isn’t meant to console any existing back pain, it does the job of helping you burn extra calories. These provide a new meaning to the word workout.


Customized Pens

5. Customized Pens & Post-its

While you may have these sitting at your desk as you’re reading this, the amount is limited, right? That’s because these two products are some of the most stolen or missing products in the office. Having your name on them means no one is to take them and not give them back.


Your office isn't complete until you feel that it represents a part of you. Integrate one or all five of these items into your personal office and have the most organized, productive space in the building!