Paper Plate Caterpillar Craft

Paper Plate Caterpillar Craft

Spring has sprung! Do you know what that means? It's time for another seasonal craft!

So, what craft is it today? A paper plate caterpillar! This project is classroom-friendly and so easy to create, yet we think it's one of the cutest we've done! Take a look!

Materials Needed:

This craft was inspired by Glued To My Crafts!

how to make a caterpillar craft supplies how to make a caterpillar craft supplies

Orange Abstract Flower /><p style=Step 1: Use the scissors to cut half of the plate's rym away. This is the body of your caterpillar! Each plate makes two paper caterpillars.

cutting plates

paper rims

Orange Abstract Flower />

<p style=Step 2: Next, decorate! Grab your favorite colored pencils, markers or crayons to brighten up your new crawling pal. Get extra wild and add stickers or crafting pom poms.

coloring plate rims

colored caterpillar bodies

Paper Plate CraftStep 3: Make sure the colored paper is handy because it's time to create the caterpillar heads. We freestyled this process, but you simply want to cut out a round head shape with two antennae on the top. Another option is to use pipe cleaners as the antennae!

caterpillar traced heads

Paper Plate CraftStep 4: Give the faces some eyes by gluing on googly eyes or drawing a pair!

googly eyes

Paper Plate CraftStep 5: Add a mouth to the face! Easy, right?

smiley mouth

Paper Plate CraftStep 6: Finally, attach the paper head to rest of the body by stapling it to the end of the paper plate rim.

head on body

Ta-da! The creation of your new spring time friend is complete! Now all that is left is to enjoy his/her company!

completed caterpillar

If you made this paper plate caterpillar craft, we want to see! Send us photos and tag us on our Facebook and Twitter! This always makes our day!

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