16 Free Printable Social Studies Worksheets

Printable Social Studies Worksheets

From continents to capitals, learning about the world can be a daunting task. Though, we've broken down each category and have provided you with various printable social studies worksheets. Use these reference sheets as the first steps to learning about geography.

Test students' labeling skills with any map as they learn the location of each continent, country and capital. Each map and worksheet combination includes a labeled map as a study guide and a blank version for the kids to complete! These social studies guides are great for middle schoolers, though you can provide younger grades with the compass worksheet. Plus, anyone can enjoy the fun in USA bingo and national flag flashcards!

Click each photo to download a full-size PDF! While you're here, take a peek at our printable science worksheets and printable math worksheets, perfect for the classroom!

Printable Africa MapPrintable Africa Map

Africa Map & Worksheet

Printable Map of AsiaPrintable Map of Asia

Asia Map & Worksheet

Printable Map of AustraliaPrintable Map of Australia

Australia Map & Worksheet

Printable Europe MapPrintable Europe Map

Europe Map & Worksheet

Printable Map of North AmericaPrintable Map of North America

North America Map & Worksheet

Printable South America MapPrintable South America Map

Australia Map & Worksheet

Printable World MapPrintable World Map

Continents/Oceans Map & Worksheet

Printable Countries of the World MapPrintable Countries of the World Map

Countries of the World Map

Printable Time Zones WorksheetPrintable Time Zones Worksheet

World Time Zones Worksheet

Printable US Capitals WorksheetPrintable US Capitals Worksheet

US Capitals Worksheet

Printable US States WorksheetPrintable US States Worksheet

US States Worksheet

Printable US Time Zones WorksheetPrintable US Time Zones Worksheet

US Time Zones Worksheet

Continents FlashcardsContinents Flashcards

Continents Flash Cards

Printable Country Flag FlashcardsPrintable Country Flag Flashcards

Country Flag Flash Cards

Printable United States Bingo CardsPrintable United States Bingo Cards

USA State Bingo Cards

Printable Compass WorksheetPrintable Compass Worksheet

Compass Worksheet

Transform any of these social studies printables into long-lasting, crisp pages you can reuse and practice with when you pair them with any of our laminating sheets, on sale now!