Top 5 Office Pet Peeves to Avoid

Top 5 Office Pet Peeves to Avoid

You love your co-workers and enjoy getting up and going to work. Most days in the office are enjoyable and productive. It hits 2 o’clock and you begin to feel a little drowsy, so you walk over to the coffee pot to grab a cup of Joe. The only problem is one of your co-workers left enough coffee for a ¼ of a cup and didn’t think to refill the pot! Those little office pet peeves can turn a good day into a frustrating day. Read on to see how you can avoid causing common office pet peeves that can drive your co-workers crazy!

Eating Food That is Not Communal

We all remember that episode of Friends when Ross’s sandwich was stolen from the fridge. Avoid this mishap by only eating food that is left out on the break room table as a communal snack. Avoid anything in Tupperware or food that is loosely floating around the refrigerator so there isn’t any mix-ups or new episodes of Friends playing out in your office.

a freaked out Ross Gellera freaked out Ross Geller
frustrated womanfrustrated woman

Repeatedly Asking the Same Questions

Asking questions when you’re confused about a task or assignment is completely acceptable and even encouraged! However, asking the same questions repeatedly when the answer is detailed in an email is not acceptable. Make sure you read the whole email through before responding so you don’t repeat anything that has already been detailed. This can help avoid all future emails that begin with “Per my last email.”

Asking for “Small Favors”

Asking your coworkers to do small favors for you is completely fine…when you actually mean a small favor. However, asking your coworkers for a favor, especially when they already have a heavy workload, is not okay. Don’t ask your coworkers to take something off your plate that will require them to put in a lot of work, time, and effort when they are already dealing with their own tasks.

messy kitchenmessy kitchen

Leaving a Mess in the Kitchen

Whether you’re making something to eat in the microwave, on the stove, or just unpacking your lunch on the communal table, make sure you clean up after yourself! You are sharing a kitchen and break room with your coworkers, so it is important to be respectful of the space you share with them. Start by cleaning up after yourself and washing your dishes or wiping down the table after you eat to keep a clean environment for everyone in the office!

Not Refilling the Printer Paper or Ink

If you’re the last person to print something and you notice the printer is running out of paper or ink, don’t ignore it! Refill the paper tray or ink if you’re the last person to use it when it starts to run out. Don’t leave it empty for somebody else to deal with when they are trying to print their own documents. It only takes a few seconds to help out your coworkers by replacing these empty trays!

empty printer inkempty printer ink

Avoid these office pet peeves by following our guide, which can help you stay clear of any office feuds. Let us know some of your office pet peeves by giving us a shout out on Twitter!

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