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LockerMate Magnetic Locker Mirror Kit, Blue

  • Customize Your Locker: Attaches to the inside of your locker and features a whiteboard, three way mirror with lights and additional storage.
  • Strong and Secure: Durable magnets lock vanity into place.
  • Extra Storage: Three hooks along the bottom of the vanity allow for extra storage for keys and small hanging items.
  • Pen Included: The included dry erase pen attaches securely in a holder.
  • Bright Light: Mirror lights up to help you see in dark spaces and look your best all day.

The LockerMate Magnetic Locker Mirror Kit, Blue is just what every student in both middle school and high school needs for their locker! This cute and colorful kit comes with a large write-and-wipe surface that opens into 3-way, clear reflection mirror with lights and storage area. Held up with strong magnets and featuring three convenient storage hooks along the bottom, you can confidently store your accessories and school essentials while customizing your space. It also comes with a fun dry erase board so you can keep track of your schedule throughout the week, making it easy for you to write down the important tasks you need to remember! Includes batteries and a dry erase marker.

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