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LockerMate Adjustable Double Locker Shelf with Drawer, Blue

  • Adjustable height and width to fit most standard lockers
  • Comes built with adjustable features
  • Great for locker organization
  • Stackable double shelf for more locker space
  • Features a drawer in the bottom shelf for extra storage
  • Easy to install; no tools needed for assembly
The LockerMate Double Locker Shelf, blue is easy to install and made to fit most school and gym lockers!
With the adjustable shelves of this double locker shelf, you can easily place the legs at the bottom of the locker and adjust the shelves to fit the length that will best suit your organization needs. The plastic drawer in the bottom shelf acts as a bonus feature for extra storage for all of your favorite school supplies.
The locker shelf is also multi-purpose as it helps to tidy up any small space. Its sturdy, durable construction holds your belongings strongly and securely. It even locks in place to prevent the shelves from moving around. From books to binders and even gym bags, the double shelf is perfect for locker organization.

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