Konnect™ System Assembly

How to Install Konnect™

Step 1. Lay everything out

Step 2. Route your cords

Step 3. Add your accessories

Step 4. Get organized!

Use it Anyway, Anywhere

On Your Desktop
Secure the rail to your desktop using pre-applied sticky pads.

Over Your Cubicle
Adjustable mounts allow the rails to hang over cubicle walls.

On Slatwall
Special mounts fit the rails into existing slatwall panels.

Up and Off Your Desk
Storage and organization solutions that don't take up coveted workspace.

Custom Build
Choose from long and short rails that link to extenders and 90º connectors to navigate around corners.

On the Wall
Secure to the wall using the included screws and drywall mounts.

Support Manuals

Rails + Installation


3-Piece Folder Organizer


USB Phone Stand


Power Hub


What's Next?

I need more inspiration.
Scroll through our image gallery to spark some ideas and fuel Konnect™ at your desk!

I need more rail space.
Shop cable management rails, corner connectors and hangers.

I need more accessories.
Shop storage bins, power accessories, file organizers and more.

I need more help.
Contact our team of customer service agents to answer any questions.