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BLACK+DECKER 8.5" x 11" UV Laminating Pouches, 5 mil, 100 Pack

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5 mil Laminating Pouches

Key Features:

  • (100) 9” x 11.5” pouches for 8.5” x 11” letter size documents
  • 5 mil thickness
  • TimeShield™ technology delivers long-term protection for documents, signs, and craft projects
  • Superior UV defense against damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Glossy finish ensures vivid colors and enhanced, brilliant clarity
5 mil Laminating Pouches


These 5 mil laminating pouches are letter sized at 9" x 11.5", making them perfect for laminating a standard piece of printer paper! Simply open the pouch, slide in the paper you wish to laminate, then feed the two through your BLACK+DECKER laminator with the closed end of the pouch going through first. Because these laminating sheets are 5 mil thick, the end result will be more sturdy, durable and longer lasting!

  • Provides a strong, clear, professional lamination
  • Easy-to-clean safeguard against messes, spills, and normal wear and tear
  • Wipeable surface for dry-erase markers
  • Photo-safe tested and approved (ISO18916)
  • Compatible with all thermal laminators


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Model: LAMLET5-100

UPC: 077914056539

Pouch Dimensions: 9" x 11.5" x 0"

Laminates Up to Size: 8.5" x 11"

Thickness: 5 mil

Quantity: 100 Pouches

Photo Safe: Yes

Added UV Protection: Yes

Material: PET

Machine Required: Yes