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BLACK+DECKER Luggage Tag Laminating Pouches, 5 mil, 100 Pack

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  • (100) 2.5” x 4.25” pouches for luggage tags (up to 2.25” x 3.75”)
  • 5 mil thickness with pre-punched slots
  • TimeShield™ technology provides long-term protection for luggage tags, labels, and more
  • Glossy finish ensures vivid colors and enhanced, brilliant clarity
  • Includes 100 tag loops safely securing to suitcases, backpacks, and other travel bags

Have a trip coming up? Protect your bag from becoming lost in a sea of black suitcases with these handy luggage tag laminating pouches. Create your own memorable luggage tag with all the details you need to identify your baggage, then simply laminate it. By laminating your tag, you will be protecting it from the elements - from water, sunlight, bending and tearing. Plus, each luggage tag laminating sheet comes with a loop to attach the tag to your bag!

- Provides a strong, clear, professional lamination
- Prevents fading and discoloration from damaging UV rays
- Easy-to-clean safeguard against messes, spills, and normal wear and tear
- Wipeable surface for dry-erase markers
- Photo-safe tested and approved (ISO18916)
- Compatible with all thermal laminators
Product Specifications


Model: LAMLUG5-100

UPC: 077914057420

Pouch Dimensions: 2.5" x 4.25" x 0"

Laminates Up to Size: 2.25" x 3.75"

Thickness: 5 mil

Quantity: 100 Pouches

Photo Safe: Yes

Added UV Protection: No

Material: PET

Machine Required: Yes

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