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Colored Pencil Sharpeners

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Why might someone need a colored pencil sharpener? Well, colored pencils are made differently than standard graphite pencils. They are composed of special pigments and waxes that make them softer than graphite pencils. Colored pencil leads are more likely to break, crumble, and stick to blades in pencil sharpeners. This is why Bostitch colored pencil pencil sharpeners feature non-stick blades! These pencil sharpeners are safe to use with all your favorite drawing implements. Use them at home with your adult coloring books while you relax, or in your classroom with student's arts and crafts supplies.

Choose from a wide range of colored pencil sharpeners in electric, manual, and handheld versions. Our vertical electric sharpeners come in a variety of cute colors. They automatically stop sharpening once a pencil is sharp, preventing over-sharpening. The vertical design is ideal for space saving and allows them to be easily stored away in desk drawers or cabinets. However, if it's total power you're after our QuietSharp™ Glow sharpener is the one for you. With a powerful, stall-free motor and 10x longer cutter life than other sharpeners, this colored pencil sharpener is built to handle an entire classroom of colored pencil welding students! Your choice for leisurely coloring and sharpening is our Twist-n-Sharp hand held pencil sharpener. It works like a dream with colored pencils and it's small enough to store away in your pencil bag!

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