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Konnect™ System Accessories

Nothing is complete without accessories! Don't struggle through your day with clutter and stress. All items included are designed to make your workspace visually pleasing and functional. From rail extenders to tape dispensers, you'll wonder how you were ever productive with the absence of these Konnect™ add-ons.

The core of the Konnect™ line are the cord management rails. Coming in two sizes, 12 or 21.5 inches, these rails are perfect for desktop or permanent wall mounting. They dock any of the compatible Konnect™ items so you can maintain a clear desk, and hide tangled, messy wires. They're sold individually for your convenience. Improving the design of your surface are the rail extenders. They add extra length so this system easily fits any desktop. The corner connectors also offer layout customization, allowing multiple rails to link together.

Also an additional accessory is the sticky note holder. Each comes ready for note-taking with a post-it style notepad on a small angled stand. In the rear of the stand, you'll find handy holes for pen storage. Stop hunting around for a pen when your phone rings and you need to take a quick note. You'll always find it in the pen holder right next to your post-its. The size of this organizer is also perfect for displaying business cards. It's perfect if you work in sales or have an interview coming up and need a few business cards easily accessible.

The tape dispenser will be your new favorite! It's lightweight and features an extended blade so you never lose the end of the roll. We all know how frustrating that is. Great for any work or school space! Keeping you ready and focused, it automatically comes with a single roll of office tape. Use the sticky note holder and tape dispenser alone or dock them both to your Konnect™ cord management rail. Choose from four colors to match the rest of your Konnect™ items, such as the wide storage cup and 3-piece folder tray. Colors include: black, navy blue, white and charcoal gray.