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Desktop Charging + Power Hubs

Our Konnect™ line doesn't just offer great organization, but power too! Introducing an easy solution to all your low battery problems - a desktop power hub and a USB phone dock.

Easily charge all your important devices with the convenient desktop power hub. Featuring 2 USB ports and a power outlet, this system allows for various charging options. Recharge your phone, computer and tablet's battery all in the same compact desk unit. You can also quit bending over trying to reach the wall outlet since it now sits an arm's length away.

Looking for a place to rest your phone? Well, we've got just the place: on the phone dock! Great for in the office when you don't have the time or energy to think about your phone's well-being. With a compact, handy design, it provides a secure vertical and horizontal resting spot. The integrated USB port allows you to power up your phone or tablet during easy viewing and use.

What if we told you that you never have to battle with tangled wires again? Both the Konnect™ USB hub and phone dock eliminates pesky, hard-to-reach cords under your feet. While these convenient charging ports are able to stand alone on a desk, we've got a better idea. Dock it to the Konnect™ cord management rail, which is a large part of the Konnect™ line. It allows you to achieve the most organized desk known to business. This is the management system you've been waiting for. Shop more Konnect™ units above!