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Starter Kits + Rails

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Konnect™ Organization Starter Kits

Give your desktop an instant makeover with the Konnect™ organization starter kits. These bundles are ready to make your desk clean, clear and ready for some major work! Choose from a number of cable management kits, fulfilling your needs for however big or small your desk is!

Each starter kit comes with at least one cord management rail which is the key component of making all your supplies connect. They come in two sizes: 12 inches and 21.5 inches. These aluminum rails sit on the edge of your desk and are used to dock any and all Konnect pieces. They also are cable covers, hiding unsightly wires and cords that surround your desk. Each set includes a combination of 12 inch rails and/or a 21.5 inch rails. It's all unique to type of kit you decide is right for your space. The larger the kit, the more accessories are included, meaning more rail space is then needed. The rails are also available separately for your convenience!

Every desk organizer set includes a short storage bin, tape dispenser, phone dock and sticky note holder. The short bin holds small items and supplies such as pens, pencils and paper clips. The tape dispenser is unique as it's lightweight and features an extended blade. The sticky note holder does exactly what it hints at, keeping sticky notes and business cards on display for easy access. The phone dock holds your cell phone or tablet for vertical or horizontal use. Plus, it features a USB port for quick and easy charging! Each item docks to the cord management rail for ultimate stability and organization during a busy work day.

As the kits grow larger, more items are included. Depending on the kit size, the pieces vary and may include a number of the following: corner connectors, rail extenders, end caps, wide storage cups, phone power hub and screws/accessories for versatile mounting options. It's important to read exactly what's included in each kit so you know what you're getting. Though, it's also useful to remember that each unit or desktop piece is also sold separately so you can mix and match however you choose! Keep in mind that there are various other Konnect accessories not included in the organization kits, so be sure to shop all categories!

Each Konnect™ set comes in four outstanding colors, great for any workspace: black, white, navy blue and charcoal gray. Mounting options for each piece varies - that's part of the fun! Play around with each kit for easy and customizable desktop organization.