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Laminating Machines

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Browse BLACK+DECKER laminating machines in the Flash series for top of the line, home-use laminators that are fast, efficient, and easy to use! Each of these thermal laminators heats up in less than 2 minutes and laminates at least 2 times faster than other models on the market. Listen for alerts to know when your machine is fully heated and easily toggle between settings for 3 mil and 5 mil pouches, depending on your need. No need to worry about jams or misfed documents – all of our laminating machines feature auto-reverse technology! When your project is complete, try out integrated corner punch to round out the corners of your laminating pouch. Learn about all these features & more by exploring the products below:

BLACK+DECKER 9.5” Thermal Laminator

Designed for classroom or home use, this thermal desktop laminator offers the best bang for your buck to create beautifully glossy sheets. From small cards to large photos, this machine can handle any type of project up to 9.5” wide and is ready to go after 120 seconds for warm-up thanks to Flash™ Heat Technology. This laminating machine comes standard with three temperature settings for your project needs, including cold and 2 thermal for 3- and 5- mil pouches, to ensure that your worksheets, documents, and crafts are protected. Despite being so affordable, each laminator uses an intuitive design features to ensure a smooth process from start to finish, such as audible alerts and auto-shut-off.

BLACK+DECKER Pro 9.5” Thermal Laminator

With a 60-second warm-up period and 4x the speed of standard laminators, this model is designed for offices and schools that need to save time and money. The laminator machine features Flash™ Heat Technology to professionally laminate worksheets, crafts, and photos up to 9.5” wide. Whether you have 3-mil or 5-mil thermal pouches or if you need a cold roller, this 2-in-1 laminator is versatile enough for most projects. In addition to these features, this thermal laminator has a reverse button to prevent issues and help eliminate stress.

BLACK+DECKER 12.5” Thermal Laminator

When you need the best of the best, this laminating machine can’t be beaten. Featuring Flash™ Heat Technology, this model only requires 60 seconds to warm-up and laminates 7x faster than standard laminators. Each thermal laminator has a 12.5” front-loading insert slot to accommodate larger sheets, such as legal-size documents and restaurant menus while still capable of laminating luggage tags, work badges, and other small-scale projects. With a digital control to accommodate both warm and cold lamination, this large laminating machine is versatile enough for any commercial environment.