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Shop our line of Stanley scissors here! There are many reasons to always have a pair of scissors within reach. Use them for snipping off price tags or opening boxes that came in the mail. Crafts and DIY projects are easy with a pair the right of scissors in hand. These products are essential tools for everyday life in the home, office, or classroom.

Office Scissors

Office scissors need to be durable and comfortable. Look for pairs with stainless steel blades. These will remain sharper for longer and won't rust. Use them to cut through tough materials with ease. Precision point blades allow precise cutting along fine lines. Comfortable, rubber handles are another important feature to look for. Avoid hand-cramps by choosing ergonomic scissors designed with comfort in mind. Keep your pair nearby in your desk's pencil cup for whenever the need arises!

Our 8" Piranha™ scissors are titanium coated, making them 3 times harder than traditional stainless steel blades! Always durable and sharp, use this pair for all your heavy duty cutting activities. The blades will cut effortlessly through most tough materials. These scissors feature an ergonomic handle design with a soft, cushioned grip. This allows for comfortable use every time. Each pair also has a laser-etched ruler in the side of their titanium blades. Use this ruler to make accurate cuts quickly and conveniently. Additionally, use the adjustable blade tension to created a tailored cutting experience. This paid of heavy duty scissors has it all!

Kids Scissors

Kids scissors are an essential supply to stock up on every year. Both teachers and students need access to this everyday tool. Use them for crafts, DIY projects, and more! Kids scissors tend to be smaller and lighter than scissors for adults. They have shorter blades that are 5" to 7" long. Users can choose between tons of fun kid-friendly colors. Some models even feature customizable name plates, great for classroom settings. For children ages 4 and up, try blunt-tip kids scissors for safety purposes. While designed for children, these products don't skimp on quality. Each pair features durable stainless steel blades designed to remain sharpener for longer. Kid-safe blades angles protect little hands while easily cutting through common classroom materials. Students should have no trouble cutting construction paper for fun arts and crafts projects - like this curled pumpkin craft!

Each pair of Stanley scissors is made with quality construction in mind. Stainless steel blades last through years of frequent use and ergonomic blades keep users comfortable. Stock up in the office and classroom today!