Battery Operated Pencil Sharpeners

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Battery operated pencil sharpeners combine portable convenience with quick and powerful sharpening! Great for classrooms, offices or on-the-go, these sharpeners only need batteries to operate. Because they don't need to be plugged in to work, you can take your battery operated pencil sharpener anywhere with ease. Move it around the classroom as needed - from the teacher's desk to the art supplies area. Or keep it in a drawer in your cubicle until you need it. Batteries and a pencil are all you need to get sharpening! Most models only need 2 or 4 AA batteries to operate.

Have a coloring book hobby? Luckily for you, these battery operated pencil sharpeners are totally colored pencil compatible! Non-stick blades easily sharpen colored pencils with limited jams or broken tips. Keep your sharpener in a drawer with the rest of your coloring supplies until you're ready to break them out for an hour or two of zen-ful sketching. To take your art talents to the next level, head out into nature with your pencils and your sharpener. It's completely portable and operational without needing a plug near by.

Our newest battery powered pencil sharpener comes with a replacement cutter. Should you sharpener ever become dull, just swap out the old cutter for a fresh one. It's as easy as opening up the unit's shaving tray, replacing the cutter cartridge. At Bostitch, we know that a dull blade shouldn't have to mean purchasing an new pencil sharpener. Our customers love the replaceable cutters in our larger commercial and classroom models. That's why we've extended the same technology to our smaller personal sharpeners!

Each battery pencil sharpener on this page features the quality you can expect from Bostitch Office. Our HHC™ cutter technology offers 4x longer blade life. Our SharpStop™ and Tip Saver Technology™ prevent over sharpening and tip breakage. Combine these features with a powerful, stall-free motor, thermal overload protection, and important safety measures, and you have a pencil sharpener for the ages! Plus, did we mention that all Bostitch products carry 1-7 year warranties?