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  1. Classroom Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener
    QuietSharp™ Glow Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener
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  2. Pencil Sharpener Value Pack
    Electric Pencil Sharpener with Twist-n-Sharp™ Value Pack, Assorted Colors
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Bostitch electric pencil sharpeners are here to save you time, frustration and endless amounts of broken pencils tips. Whether it's in the classroom during exam season or at home while using a coloring book, automatic sharpeners always come in handy. Have different sizes of pencils? No problem. Need a school's worth of sharpening? Easy! After something small and simple for your desk at the office? Done. We've got an electric pencil sharpener for any job, any where.

These sharpeners have features that are ideal for frequent classroom, office and home use. Some products feature stall-free motors that are powerful but quiet. They produce minimal sound for distraction-free sharpening. In fact, sharpeners with Bostitch QuietSharp technology are the quietest you can get your hands on! Most sharpeners also feature TipSaver technology to sense when a pencil is sharp. This extends pencil life, an ideal feature for busy school classrooms and offices! Plus, most are antimicrobial protected, UL listed and even feature durable all-metal constructions. Some products even boast a dual cutter technology for 75% faster sharpening and 12x longer cutter life. Should your cutter get dull, it can be replaced with our patented replaceable cutter cartridges! Watch this video to learn how to replace your sharpeners cutter in seconds. With so many quality features included in each automatic sharpener, your pencils won't stay dull for long. Find a sharpener designed to sharpen colored pencils with ease!

Powerful performance is a must-have for any electric pencil sharpener. However, safety features are just as important. That's why most units feature safety switches that turn off the motor as soon as the shavings tray is removed. This ensures the sharpener is always handled safety when emptying the shavings tray.

Bostitch pencil sharpeners are segmented into 3 categories so you can find the best pencil sharpener for your needs!

School Pencil Sharpeners

School Pencil Sharpeners - These sharpeners are perfect for high volume environments. These are a favorite among teachers because Bostitch classroom sharpeners have school-friendly features!

  • Quiet Sharp™ - BostitchTechnology allows for these sharpeners to perform over long periods without distracting students. Most of these even have a built-in cooling system that keeps them from overheating for even more frequent sharpening!
  • Tip Saver - Teachers go through pencils like hot cakes. But with Bostitch's tip saver technology, the sharpener can sense when a pencil has been completely sharpened. It then pulls the cutters back so that it's no longer engaged with the pencil. This extends the life of pencils and keeps room in the budget for other school supplies.
  • Replaceable Cutter System - Do you know the #1 reason that most sharpeners require replacement? We'll give you a hint. It's not the motor! Most models need to be replaced when the blade goes dull or something gets jammed inside of it. In most cases the motor is still running but the sharpener is no longer usable. That is exactly why we have developed the world's one and only tool-free, replaceable cutter system. The QuietSharp™ Glow and the SuperPro™ Glow models both have this feature!
  • XHC2 Dual Cutters - Why is it that there is always a long line of students in front of the classroom sharpener just as the teacher is about to start teaching? Luckily many of our school units are equipped with dual cutters that allow for 75% faster sharpening! The SuperPro Glow sharpens a pencil from new to a sharp point less than 3 seconds! We dare you to find a faster sharpener!
  • Magnasafe - We know how important safety is in the classroom. All of our school sharpeners are equipped with Magnasafe. This means that if the shavings tray has been removed from the unit, the motor will not work. So if the teacher is emptying the tray and a student sticks a pencil, finger or any other object in that area in an attempt to the start the motor, nothing will happen. The motor will not run until the shavings tray is lodged back into place and the motor and blade are completely covered.
Executive Pencil Sharpeners

Executive Pencil Sharpeners - This line of sharpeners is perfect for home and office use. These are engineered to fit compact spaces such as an office desk or a kitchen counter. They are designed with sleek angles and some come in trendy colors to match your individual personality and style. These executive office supplies also have a unique set of features exclusive to Bostitch.

  • Safety Switch - This safety switch prevents operation when the shavings tray is not engaged.
  • HHC Cutter - The hardened helical allows for 4x longer cutting life and 65% faster sharpening than your average sharpener.
  • Auto-Stop - Many of our executive sharpeners will stop automatically when the pencil is sharpened completely.
  • Flexible Power Source - We offer sharpeners that can be powered through an electric outlet and others that are battery operated to fit all of your needs.
  • 2 Design Options - Based on your personal style, you can choose a horizontal or vertical sharpener.
Personal Pencil Sharpener

Personal Electric Sharpener - This line of electric sharpeners is generally designed for home use. However, they are also very portable and great when you're on the go. Whether it's for a child to sharpen their pencil to do math homework or an adult to mark up blue prints for a client, these have a compact footprint to meet these personal needs.

  • Quiet Sharp Motor - This allows for electric sharpening without disturbing others by creating unwanted noise.
  • HHC Cutter - The hardened helical allows for 4x longer cutting life sharpening than your average sharpener .
  • High Capacity Tray - Even though these are small in size, they come equipped with large shavings trays to reduce trips to the trash can.

From heavy duty electric models with replaceable cutter cartridges, to vertical models that come in all your favorite colors, you're bound to find the right sharpener from Bostitch Office!