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Replacement Cutters

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At Bostitch Office, we take pride in what sets us apart. A large contributor to our unique and continuously loved product line is the fact that a number of our pencil sharpeners have the ability to replace the cutters, saving users money and effort in the long run. Options include replacement cutters for the SuperPro™ Glow commercial electric sharpener, QuietSharp™ Glow classroom sharpener, and Antimicrobial manual pencil sharpener.

With many pencils demanding to be sharpened, blades eventually get worn out, especially in a high-demand setting, such as a classroom. While our sharpeners are durable and designed to withstand frequent use, we understand that nothing lasts forever. That’s why Bostitch pencil sharpener replacement blades and parts are so important. Instead of having to buy a whole new pencil sharpener at a higher cost, our replacement cutters are both money and material saving.

Teachers and all avid pencil users – nothing has made more sense. Shop the convenience of the Bostitch Office pencil sharpener replacement cutters above. Though, don’t forget to first check out our line of the compatible pencil sharpeners!