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Electric Staplers

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Do you have a job that requires you to staple ten, twenty, even one hundred times a day? We bet pushing down on that old stapler gets a little tiresome. Save yourself the tired arm and frustration. A Bostitch Electric Stapler is the ideal solution for those with high volume stapling jobs and limited time (or muscle) on their hands! Simply insert the corner of your stack of papers into the stapler and - VOILA! - a perfectly stapled document, every time, no effort required. Our electric staplers are reliable, powerful, convenient and - most importantly - safe.

How these automatic staplers works is simple. The opening in the front of the stapler is only large enough to allow a small stack of papers through. Once inside, the papers pass over a sensor that triggers the powerful stapling mechanism. In a fraction of a second, your papers go from being loose to securely stapled and ready to file. No jamming, slamming, or cramming required. Plus, many electric stapler models featured on this page offer easy loading with a quick release staple magazine. The staple magazine features staple storage for convenient loading and a refill alert light will let you know when it's time to add more staples. Watch this video to learn how to easily reload your Impulse™ electric stapler! Lastly, suction cup feet secure these units to the tabletop so they cannot shift during use.

If productivity in a busy office environment is your goal, then we have the electric stapler for you. Our Impulse™ 45 Electric Stapler Value Pack has all the bells and whistles designed to make you more productive. This heavy duty electric stapler features a whopping 45 sheet capacity and staples in literally a fraction of a second. Thanks to our exclusive Impulse Drive™, this electric stapler offers 3X faster* stapling speed. Additionally, No-Jam™ technology eliminates frustrating staple jams! Each unit arrives ready for use, complete with a 5,000 pack of B8® PowerCrown™ 1/4" Premium Staples. When it's time to refill, a light illuminates letting you know!

Learn more about the Bostitch Impulse™ 25 Electric Stapler:

Let’s not forget our newest addition to the Bostitch Electric Stapler family! Introducing our new Cordless Electric Stapler. This powerhouse staples up to 25 sheets in no time. Best of all, you can have the power of our best electric stapler, even when there’s no outlet nearby. All you need is 4 AA batteries and you’re ready to go. That feature makes our battery powered stapler perfectly portable!

7 Year Warranties

Bostitch Impulse™ Drive electric staplers come with 7-year limited warranties. If at any time in your first 7 years of ownership should you stapler stop performing as desired, simply submit a warranty claim to qualify for a full replacement! The process is quick and easy and starts with filling out a warranty claim form found here.

Give your arthritis, carpal tunnel or even just exhausted hand a break and treat yourself to an automatic stapler from Bostitch Office today!