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Staple Removers

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You’ve used your stapler but, alas, you’ve stapled in the wrong place and now your paper is uneven. Worse is if you staple a document, only to realize essential pages are missing or in need of edits. That’s when a staple remover becomes essential.

To help make staple removal even easier, the Bostitch staple pullers feature a wand design that increases handheld comfort! Rather than tear paper using antiquated claw removers, these staple lifter wands are easier to use with their ergonomic handle and won’t damage your important document. Rather than re-printing, a report that needs pages added, use a staple puller to safely remove staples and make changes as needed.

Wondering how to use these lifter wands? Simply slide the tip of the remover under the staple in your paper and gently push away from you until it comes out. To ensure a smooth removal process, the metal tip of each staple puller is designed to effortlessly slip under the staple without ripping the paper underneath. Some of our wands even feature magnetic tips that attract and hold on to the removed staple for easy cleanup and additional convenience. For more tips and tricks, check out our article about how to use a Bostitch staple remover.

Professional Magnetic Staple Remover Wand

The most comfortable of our wands, this professional staple puller is the complete package. Simply push the flat tip under the staple and watch how easily it is removed! The ergonomic handle is made with rubber for a comfortable grip that requires minimal strength to pull the staple. This Bostitch staple remover features a magnetic tip for effortless clean-up and a staple grabber to hold onto the loose staplers until ready to dispose of. For additional savings, buy this wand as a 3-pack!

Contemporary Staple Remover Wand

Ideal for pulling standard staples from piles of paper, this contemporary staple remover is a great office tool. The plastic grip is ergonomically designed so that you can comfortably remove staples with little effort. While the flat tip is not magnetic, the wand features a staple grabber to keep loose staples in place and minimize cleanup. Available in classic black, this staple remover will match most office décor and supplies, including desk organizers and staplers.

Premium Staple Remover

With a basic design that gets the job done, the premium staple remover is ideal for those on a budget. Each chrome-plated puller uses a push style to easily remove staples, while the staple grabber keeps them in place to minimize mess. Ideal for use on small documents and papers, this staple remover is built rugged for long-term use.

Heavy Duty Staple Remover

For larger jobs, try our carton heavy duty staple remover, designed to pull large metal staples from cardboard boxes and other shipping material. If you work in a warehouse or production facility, then you need this heavy-duty tool! Rather trying to pull by hand and potentially injuring yourself, simply place the remover around the staple and press down on the spring handle to lift the staple out of the box or large pile of paper. Each all-metal puller is nickel plated for long-lasting use and features a staple shield to protect the user against dangerous kickbacks.

From professional lifter wands to industrial staple pullers, you're sure to find the right product for the job at hand!