Pink Office Supplies

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Add a pop of color to your desk with this incredible selection of pink office supplies! From staplers to pencil sharpeners to scissors, we have all the workplace essentials you'll ever need, all in the best color known to mankind! Whether you are decorating your desktop or giving gifts to the teachers in your life, these pink staplers and sharpeners will come in handy.

Who says your office supplies need to be ugly, colorless, and boring? And who says that pretty office supplies don't need to work as well as any other kind of supply? The pink office supplies found on this page are beautiful to look at and feature the same quality construction found in all Bostitch Office products.

Keep your favorite color close at hand, no matter the task. Our pink staplers handle anywhere from 2-25 sheets of paper at once and even open for bulletin board tacking! One model even features a built-in pencil sharpener for added convenience. Our pink scissors are great for kids, classrooms, or crafting projects. Choose from 7"-5", blunt or pointed tip blades, while still getting your favorite color! Perfect for colored pencils and more, our pink pencil sharpeners are available in manual or electric models. With supplies like these, you'll learn you don't have to sacrifice quality for femininity or color!