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Handheld Pencil Sharpeners

School pencil cases are nothing without portable handheld pencil sharpeners. Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp pencil sharpeners cater to kids and their sharpening needs both inside and outside of the classroom. Their mini, compact design allow them to travel on the go in any backpack or bag, coming in three bright colors for a fun personal touch.

While students are known for going through many pencils, these sharpeners have tip saving technology, prolonging each pencil’s life. With an adjustable knob for either sharp or blunt pencil tip preferences, Bostitch handheld sharpers are not limited to simply sharpening standard lead pencils, but also welcome colored pencils for all coloring needs.

Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp pencil sharpeners are truly as easy as twist and sharp, with a clean shavings tray adding to the convenience and portability. Now there’s no reason to fear broken tips anywhere you go!