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Twist-n-Sharp™ Kids Pencil Sharpener, Red

In stock | SKU: PS1-RED

Red Twist-n-Sharp™ Pencil Sharpener is Designed for Moderate Use
  • Ratchet mechanism offers easy twist and fast sharpening
  • Adjustable knob for sharp or blunt pencil tip
  • Compact design conveniently fits in any school or travel bag
  • Tip Saver Technology™ prevents over sharpening, extending pencil life
  • Easy clean shavings tray captures pencil shavings
Red Twist-n-Sharp™ Pencil Sharpener is Designed for Moderate Use


Pop this mini pencil sharpener into kids book bags. artist's colored pencil cases, or cramped desk drawers without an issue. Don't let the compact design fool you, however! This powerful sharpener features a ratchet mechanism that allows for faster, easier sharpener that ever before. Use the knob on the front of the sharpener to choose between a blunt or pointed pencil tip depending on your need! Pointed tips are great for writing or detail work, while blunt tips are ideal for shading! Included in each mini pencil sharpener is our Tip Saver Technology™ that prevents over sharpening and extended pencil life. Plus, an easy-clean shavings tray allows users to empty the sharpener with just a flip of the unit's side panel. Who ever though such a mini sharpener could be so packed with features!


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