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LockerMate Crayon Box with Hinged Lid, Assorted Colors, 16-Pack

  • Plastic box with hinged lid that snaps in place to secure crayons
  • Kid-friendly colors in clear, purple, and green
  • 16 pack for classrooms and daycares to buy in bulk
  • Compact size holds 27 standard crayons while fitting in backpack, desk, or cubby

This LockerMate Crayon Box is the perfect size storage container for all crayons. This clear crayon holder should definitely be on your back to school shopping list whether you're a teacher or parent of a student. The featured hinged lid snaps shut to keep all school accessories safe and secured, even when bouncing around in a backpack! Choose from different colors like clear, purple or green to find the one that best fits your personality. This 16-pack of crayon boxes will suit any teacher looking to stock up on classroom supplies. These plastic yet sturdy crayon boxes also holds 27 standard crayons.

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