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Since they were invented in the 1800s, staplers have been the choice of many for all binding, filing, and organizing needs. You will find them in almost any office or store you step foot in. However, not all staplers are created equal! Use one style to fasten 2 sheets of paper and another to bind up to 215 sheets! Use a plier stapler to close bags and boxes in a warehouse or a school stapler in the classroom with young children around. Select models can even open up to tack staples on bulletin boards! Bostitch staplers are for every job, no matter how large or small.

Some of the styles listed above are ideal for specific uses or specialties. Others vary in size, depending on a user's space requirements. Some staplers vary by power source. They can be manually operated or automatic with an electric power source. Users can also choose between standard sheet capacities or high-capacity staplers for 100 pages or more. The type of tool best suited for you will depend on your specific needs. If you work in a medical office or pharmacy where you take many prescription bags an electric stapler may help. If you are a lawyer or law clerk that needs to bind 100-page briefs on a daily basis, a heavy-duty stapler could be for you. If you run a restaurant where you are sending out many bagged takeout orders a night, you might try a plier stapler. If you're a teacher who needs to staple activities for students, packets to send home to parents, or graded tests, try a metal desktop school stapler. Perhaps you work in an auto shop where you need to staple receipts to work summaries and need a handheld stapler. As you can see, with every occupation and profession there is a need for a stapler! Bostitch Office carries a product to fit each of these jobs and uses.

Common Types of Staplers:

  • Desktop - Desktop staplers typically staple up to 25 sheets of paper and require a standard ¼ inch staple. They are great for everyday tasks and are the most commonly used staplers. They can vary from heavy, metal staplers that are more expensive and found on the desks of executives and CEOs, to plastic staplers that are more affordable and often seen in retail stores, university classrooms, doctors' offices, and gas stations. If you are looking for a stapler to get you through simple jobs, a desktop stapler is right for you!

  • Mini - Mini staplers are small in size but packed with power. They usually staple fewer sheets than a typical desktop stapler and are great for traveling or for students to carry in a backpack. These adorable fasteners will fit in the palm of your hand are perfect for small jobs on the go!

  • Heavy Duty - Heavy duty staplers (sometime referred to as high capacity staplers) are great for big jobs! Some staple more than 40 sheets but most can handle much more paper! The Bostitch Extra Heavy Duty Stapler can easily handle up to 215 sheets, making it ideal for offices that require heavy documentation needed for filing and auditing. You will often see these heavy-duty staplers in law offices, accounting firms - including tax preparation offices - hospitals, insurance companies, and government agencies.

  • Booklet or Saddle - Booklet or saddle staplers generally have the same capacity as most desktop staplers (up to 25 sheets of paper), but what makes them awesome is that they allow you to fasten paper at the far end of a sheet so you can create books. A booklet stapler has a deep throat that extends up to 12 inches. A saddle stapler also has a deep throat but in addition, has a deep curve, allowing perfect centerline stapling. Both are often found in churches and theatres as they are perfect for making a pamphlet, brochures, and playbills.

  • Electric - If you are stapling frequently, an electric stapler can be your best friend. Bostitch makes the #1 selling electric stapler. Our electrics have a unique Impulse Drive technology that allows you to staple more sets per minute than any other stapler on the market. Stapling up to 45 sheets, they can handle any job that comes their way. They are great for mechanic shops, pharmacies, schools, and more!

  • Plier - When you think of plier stapler, you think of Bostitch! Our pliers staple from 20 to 25 sheets. The comfortable lever allows for easy stapling and is ideal for stapling bags and unconventional packaging. For this reason, you will often see them at your local dry cleaner, florist, and pharmacy.

  • Flat Clinch - This style of stapling allows your documents to lay flatter and neater! The special clinch makes the ends of the staple perfectly flat on the underneath of your papers, versus rounded with a standard clinch. Learn more about flat clinch stapling here!

  • Full Strip - This style of stapler holds a full strip of staples - 210 to be exact!

  • Compact or Half Strip - Half strip staplers are exactly as they sound. They hold half a strip of staples, or 105. This allows the stapler to be smaller and more compact compared to a full-sized stapler.

  • Reduced Effort or Spring Powered - If you've never tried a spring-powered stapler, you don't know what you're missing! These staplers feature proprietary spring-powered technology that makes stapling 80% easier than using a standard stapler. With just one finger, you can staple through 28 sheets of paper or more at once. No more bearing down on a stapler with all your weight. You don't need to be a muscle-man to use these EZ Squeeze™ staplers!

When shopping for a stapler on this page, you can sort by choice of color, price requirements, and even sheet capacity. If you wish to narrow your section by the style of device discussed above, simply select a style from the list on the page column of the page. Most Bostitch Office products feature 1-7 year warranties. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please reach out to our customer service team at any time!