Caught up in the chaos of clutter and cords?

Organize, optimize, and customize your workspace with office products and essentials designed for the modern worker and the ever-evolving workspace.

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Konnect Organization Starter Kits

Leave the desk mess behind with our desk organizer sets that will give you an upgraded and organized workspace.

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Organization Systems
Konnect Monitor Risers and Workstations

Our line of monitor risers and desk converters will elevate your workspace while providing ergonomic relief to an otherwise rigid 9-to-5.

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Monitor + Desk Risers
Konnect Desktop Power Hubs

Simply plug in and charge any electronic device while keeping them within reach on your desk so you won't miss any important calls.

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Power Management
Konnect File and Paper Organization

File away that messy pile of paper that just keeps adding up with our different kinds of paper organizers.

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File Organization
Konnect Storage Bins

Easily store your favorite desk essentials and supplies like paperclips, tacks, rubber bands and so much more!

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Storage Trays + Bins
Konnect Desk Accessories

Choose from an unlimited amount of desk accessories such as staplers, lamps and sharpeners to complete the ultimate workstation.

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Office Essentials

CUSTOMIZE      |      ORGANIZE      |      ENERGIZE

Work comfortably from anywhere.

Whether you're working from home, in an office, in a classroom, our line of Konnect™ products will be your one-stop-shop for all your work necessities.

Konnect™ Systems in WhiteKonnect™ Systems in White

Make the most of any space.

Save coveted desk space with our organizers and storage bins that can sit and stack comfortably on any workspace. You can also mount these accessories on a wall or cubicle to still keep them within reach.
Konnect™ Systems WorkstationKonnect™ Systems Workstation
Konnect™ Systems Set-UpsKonnect™ Systems Set-Ups

Be comfortable while you work.

Whether you're working in a cubicle or at home, Konnect is versatile enough to offer you comfort and support no matter where you work. Our phone stands, desk converters and monitor stands ensure an ergonomic workspace that will help boost your productivity and help to alleviate some common pain associated with working at a desk.

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Type with wrists flat or
angled downwards

Type with wrists flat or angled downwards

Dock your phone
at eye-level

Dock your phone at eye-level

Computer screen should be
20-40" from your eyes

Computer screen should be 20-40" from your eyes

Feet should be supported
and lay flat on the floor

Feet should be supported and lay flat on the floor

Break free from the mess.

Ranging from stackable storage bins and pencil cups to monitor risers with hidden storage drawers, these products offer unique and modern organizational tools for any desktop. Say goodbye to that messy junk drawer and hello to optimized organization!

Konnect™ Systems for OrganizationKonnect™ Systems for Organization

Low battery? Don't panic.

Quickly and efficiently charge any of your electronic devices with the simple push of a plug or quick placement for wireless charging.

Konnect™ Systems Helps Keep Devices ChargedKonnect™ Systems Helps Keep Devices Charged

Charge up your most critical devices.

Bring power to any desktop or workstation so you can charge any cell phone, tablet, or other power device right from your desk as you work — keeping your most important devices charged and ready to take on the day, just like you.

Konnect™ Systems with Power Hubs and Phone StandsKonnect™ Systems with Power Hubs and Phone Stands
Konnect™ Systems Helps Keep Workstations OrganizedKonnect™ Systems Helps Keep Workstations Organized

Say goodbye to messy cords and cables.

Keep your desk free from wires by easily wrapping your phone charger around our built-in cord wrap or route your laptop cord through our cable management rail. Unsightly cable wires and cord-filled junk drawers be gone!