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Workspace + Cable
Organization System

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Your Desk. Your Way.TM

Caught up in the chaos of clutter and cords? Move it, stack it and manage it with the Konnect™ Workspace + Cable Organization System - the ultimate cure for desktop disaster.

  • Say Goodbye
    to Messy Cords & Cables

    Don't let unsightly, distracting wires tie down your productivity. Get them out of sight and under control with Konnect Cord Management Rails. So long, tangled mess!

  • Organize + Store
    Desktop Clutter

    It's time to finally clean out that desk drawer that's stuffed with anything and everything. (We all have one.) Instead use Konnect storage accessories to sort all your beloved knick-knacks.

  • Bring Power
    to Your Desktop

    Low battery? Don't panic! Recharge any of your devices right from your desktop with accessible USB ports and power hubs. No more searching all ends of your office for an empty outlet.

  • Multiple Ways
    to Mount

    Nothing is truly customizable until you can choose the location! Place this system on your desk, hang it over your cubicle, mount it to slatwall or screw it into the wall. Which will you choose?

  • MOVE It
    And Stack It

    Arrange, dock or stack any Konnect item to discover the ideal layout for your work needs. Running low on desk space? Make the most of it by piling multiple accessories on top of one another!

  • Color Your Workspace

    Helping you maintain your workplace aesthetic, each core item is available in four classic colors. Maintain your neutral space with either white, black or charcoal gray kits or add some color with the navy blue! Even better? Mix and match!

  • A Layout
    for Every Desk

    Don't spend hours wondering how you're going to arrange your new workspace. With Konnect, there's a layout for any desk, no matter the shape or size!

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