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Konnect™ Desktop + Cable Management System

Whether you're working from a home office, in a cubicle or in a classroom, organization is key to a productive work environment. With the Konnect™️ Desktop Organizer and Cable Management System, your workspace can be transformed right before your eyes! If you’re thinking it might be time for desk organization and workspace upgrade, then you’ve picked the right place to start!

Cable Management 

The core of the Konnect™ line are the cord management rails. Coming in two sizes, 12 or 21.5 inches, these rails are perfect for desktop or permanent wall mounting. They dock any of the compatible Konnect™ accessory items so you can maintain a clean desk, and hide tangled, messy wires. They're sold individually for your convenience, while improving the design of your surface with easy install and assembly. The rail extenders add extra length, so this system easily fits any desktop for the most effective organization solution. The corner connectors also offer layout customization, allowing multiple rails to link together. Although it may seem like it’s not a big deal now, all those extra wires and cable cords from computers, phones, monitors and tablets can end up getting in the way. With the help of the Konnect™ Desktop Organizer and Cable Management System, you will no longer have to deal with wasted frustrations and time on tangled cords throughout your workday!

Kits and Accessories

Give your desktop an instant makeover with the Konnect™ organization starter kits. These bundles are ready to make your desk clean, clear and ready for some major work! Choose from several cable management kits, fulfilling your needs for however big or small your desk is! Each starter kit comes with at least one cord management rail which is the key component of making all your supplies connect. They come in two sizes: 12 inches and 21.5 inches. These aluminum rails sit on the edge of your desk and are used to dock all Konnect pieces. They also are cable covers, hiding unsightly wires and cords that surround your desk. Each set includes a combination of 12-inch rails and/or a 21.5-inch rails. It's all unique to type of kit you decide is right for your space. The larger the kit, the more accessories are included, meaning more rail space is then needed. The rails are also available separately for your convenience. So now that you’ve bought your Konnect™️ Desktop Organizer and Cable Management System, it’s time to add staplers, sharpeners, pen cups and more to complete your organization kit!

How to Set-Up

More of a visual learner? We are too! Learn how to assemble the Bostitch Konnect™ Desk Organization + Cable Management System to easily transform your desk into an efficient and organized workspace in minutes by clicking here!