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Konnect™ Desktop Organizer Cup, Blue

  • Ideal for holding pens, pencils, clips, tacks and other small personal items (not included)
  • Includes a removable lid to hide unsightly clutter
  • Includes two modular dividers for storage customization
  • Stack multiple bins to optimize storage and save coveted desktop space
  • Can be docked to the Konnect™ Cord Management Rail or used alone
Folder Size on Rail

Looking for a place to store pens, pencils, highlighters, tacks and more? This short storage bin has got you covered. With a compact design that saves desk space, it's ideal for holding all your small office and personal items. No more loose odds and ends spread out on the surface of your desk. With this desktop organizer also comes a removable lid to conceal any unattractive clutter. Farewell distractions! Use the two removable dividers to customize this pencil cup so your items always stay tidy. As an accessory of this Bostitch Konnect™ system, this navy blue bin can attach to a Konnect™ Cord Management Rail or used by itself. It's also stackable! Place multiple pen holders on top of each other for greater storage options. Don't forget to check out other Konnect™ accessories above


Caught up in the chaos of clutter and cords? Move it, stack it and manage it with the Bostitch® Konnect™ Workspace + Cable Organization System—the ultimate cure for desktop disaster. By integrating our patented cable management rails, power solutions, and innovative storage accessories, the Konnect™ System helps users organize, customize and optimize their workspaces.

Konnect™ Workspace + Cable Organization System
Konnect™ System Assembly
Product Specifications
HEIGHT: 3.5"
LENGTH: 3.5"
WIDTH: 3.4"
COMPARTMENT STYLE: Removable Dividers
LID STYLE: Removable
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