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12" Konnect™ Cable Management Rail Kit

  • Patented design allows for simple and convenient cord management using a number of methods
  • Includes sticky pads for desktop mounting, screws for wall mounting and hooks for slatwall mounting
  • Provides a docking station for all Konnect™ accessories
  • Brushed aluminum rail for a sleek and complimentary design
  • Includes one (1) rail extender compatible with other Konnect™ docking rails

First things first in the Bostitch Konnect™ system - this cable management rail. With 12" of docking space for various Konnect™ accessories, your desk can go from mess to impress! Wave goodbye to the unpleasing ball of wires tangled behind your desk and around your feet. This handy rail is also a cable hider! Disguise any cord when you run them through the rail. Pair this cord organizer with other Konnect™ rails using the included extender piece to create a longer docking system. The brushed aluminum make up provides a professional and sleek appearance to this cable cover, ideal for offices and workspaces. The best part may be that this rail is versatile in mounting options. Hang it on the wall using the two mounting screws. If looking to steer clear of permanent installation, the velcro included with this purchase is great for desktop placement. Additionally, the two hooks allow for slatwall mounting. Don't suffer through a disorganized mess slowing you down during the day; get productive with Bostitch Office!


Caught up in the chaos of clutter and cords? Move it, stack it and manage it with the Bostitch® Konnect™ Workspace + Cable Organization System—the ultimate cure for desktop disaster. By integrating our patented cable management rails, power solutions, and innovative storage accessories, the Konnect™ System helps users organize, customize and optimize their workspaces.

Konnect™ System Assembly
Product Specifications
COLOR: Silver
HEIGHT: 1.5"
LENGTH: 1.6"
WIDTH: 12"
MATERIAL: Brushed Aluminum
HARDWARE INCLUDED: 2 End Caps, 1 Rail Extender, Mounting Screws & Drywall Anchors, Slatwall Mounting Hooks
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