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Spring-Powered Staplers

These staplers feature celebrated spring-powered technology by PaperPro®. What is spring-powered stapling, you ask? It’s pretty life changing if we do say so ourselves.

Spring powered technology allows for up to 80% easier stapling, meaning less force is needed. With reduced effort also comes one finger stapling to operate the stapler and tack up to 28 sheets. No more mini workouts. Seriously, say goodbye to using all your energy and weight to pierce a stack of papers, thanks to these Bostitch staplers.

Reduced Effort Staplers

Ever feel exhausted after pushing down a stapler? If you have, you’ll be relieved to know that reduced effort staplers are here – and they’re affordable and extremely easy to use! What are the benefits? Aside from being made of durable die-cast metal and heavy duty, here are the rest of the handy features that make them so great for the office:

  • 80% Easier to Use: As mentioned, using them is 80% easier as they require less force when pushing down the stapler head. With this comes One-Finger technology that truly only requires you to offer up one finger to use the stapler, such as the InPower™ . Simply set on your desktop and see for yourself how easy stapling can be.
  • No-Jam™ Technology: Leave staple jams in the past and never look back as our spring-powered staplers feature a jam-free mechanism that leaves you focused during work with no interruptions. Check out the Inspire™ classic black stapler for a completely jam-free experience.
  • Built-in Remover & Staple Storage: You’ll never have to leave your cubicle to hunt for a staple remover or extra staples again. Many of our staplers such as our Bostitch InCourage™ spring-powered model feature a hidden staple compartment and integrated push-style staple remover. Staplers have never been so forgiving!
  • Opens for Bulletin Board Tacking: Calling all teachers, students, and crafters – you can now complete any special art project or decorate any bulletin board in a breeze. A majority of our staplers open 180º for specialty tacking, including the EcoStapler™ (made with recycled materials for an added bonus). After all, nothing is more frustrating than a stapler that doesn’t open!
  • Vertically Standing: Not enough space on your desktop to flaunt your stylish color stapler? Well, check again. Some of our reduced effort staplers offer vertically or horizontally standing to reduce the amount of desk space it takes up. To help save even more room on your workspace, we also offer handheld compact staplers , available in 2 colors!
  • How to Load Spring Powered Staplers: Loading a spring-powered stapler may seem tricky at first, but we assure you it’s quite simple! Start by flipping the stapler upside down and opening it up. Next, pull out the staple magazine using the black “tab.” Drop in a stick of staples upside down in the magazine so the legs of the staples face up. Lastly, slide the base of the stapler back in place and close it up. More of a visual learner? See our handy step-by-step guide here!

One-Finger Technology by PaperPro®

These Bostitch staplers feature One-Finger Technology by PaperPro®. What does that mean exactly? Just what it sounds like! These reduced effort staplers truly require the force of a single finger to push down and operate the stapler. With this, no time is wasted and if your job requires a lot of continuous, high-performance stapling, this office tool makes each task that much simpler and easier on your hands. Experience incredible, one-finger stapler today by shopping the above!

EZ Squeeze™ Hole Punches

We couldn’t make staplers easier to use without doing the same for our hole punches! Ready for the revolution of 50% easier punching? That’s right – punch up to 12 sheets of paper with half the vigor. With incredible added benefits such as No-Jam™ technology for smooth punching and a durable all- metal design, there’s no stopping these EZ Squeeze™ hole punches.

Don’t let various stacks of paper get you down. An adjustable paper guide and integrated ruler ensure a clean, accurate placement of holes. Whether you use a 1-hole punch , 3-hole punch or an adjustable hole punch, you can enjoy the great heavy duty features our Bostitch punches have to offer. Need to store our selection of colorful hole punches away in your nearest desk drawer or closet? The locking handle makes the unit more compact and ensures the overall safety.

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