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Nano™ Mini Stapler, 12 Sheets, Assorted Colors

  • One-Finger™ technology by PaperPro® for easy spring-powered stapling
  • Staples up to 12 sheets
  • No-Jam™ technology eliminates frustrating staple jams
  • Easy squeeze design for comfortable handheld use
  • Compact, lightweight design for stapling comfort and portability
  • Uses standard staples

Order includes one (1) stapler and 50 standard staples. Stapler color is selected at random.

Bring some joy into your life with these Bostitch Nano® mini staplers! Stapling 12 sheets of paper has never been so adorable and comfortable. One-Finger™ technology delivering 80% easier stapling and the jam-free design gets all the credit for that. These mini staplers are compact, lightweight and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand for easy squeezing. Throw one of these mini staplers in your child’s backpack, in your office work bag, or keep it handy in a nearby drawer for fast use. You never know when you’re going to need to staple a packet or two! Uses standard staples, loaded through the bottom of the unit. Color selected at random.

#OneFingerWins - What Can You Do with One Finger?
Product Specifications
DESCRIPTION:inJOY™ 12 Nano Stapler, Assorted Colors
COLOR:Pink, Blue, Purple, Green
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