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Shop Bostitch specialty and plier staplers for all your out-of-the-ordinary stapling jobs. Whether your run a business in your home, operate a small retail store, or have an arts and crafts hobby, you'll find a tool to suit your needs.

Bostitch plier staplers are ideal for a wide variety of heavy duty stapling. While standard staplers operate by being pushed down on, plier staplers are designed to be squeezed. This makes them perfect for frequent handheld use. Plier staplers use a lever action that allows them to be more ergonomic and comfortable in the hand. Use a Bostitch B8 plier stapler to apply tags in retail, wrap flowers at a florist shop, staple receipts at the dry cleaners and more! No job is too big or too small! In fact, some of these products can staple up to 45 sheets of paper at once with the ease of an ergonomic handle. When its time to reload, use the top-load design for quick and easy reloading on the job. An all metal construction allows these products to last for years to come! Plier staplers come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. You'll find the perfect model for you here.

Another popular specialty supply featured on this page is our selection of booklet staplers. These are designed for tasks such as book binding and pamphlet and flyer making. Easily print and staple your own brochures and booklets using these handy devices. While other staplers might not be long enough to reach the middle of your flyer, these booklet staplers are for centerline stapling. Also ideal for book making, our long arm stapler features an impressive 12" throat depth. It also has an integrated ruler for added ease of use. Better yet, most of these specialty staplers are compatible with standard size staples, getting you on your way to booklets and flyers galore!

End the hand cramps from using the wrong hand held stapler. Stop bending your pamphlets or sending them out to a print shop! These products are designed with your specialty needs in mind!