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Konnect™ Stackable Organizer + Power System

Do you ever find yourself wondering why your back and neck are always aching so much? This could be because of how your desk and office products are set up. One of the biggest hazards in the modern workplace is poor workspace ergonomics. Those aches and pains you feel after working from 9-5 can be corrected with the right office supplies and can help relieve the stress your body feels while sitting at a desk all day long.

Modular and Expandable Solution

With the new line of Konnect™ Stackable products, you can use the entire system, part of it or even just a single item. No matter how you use it, stack it, or expand it, you can optimize any space with ease. Why did we develop Konnect™, our new workspace and cable organization system? Simple. Because 31% of workers noted that their work area was too small or messy. We know the normal 9-5 day is anything but normal nowadays and that’s why our line of desk organizers and accessories can be customized to fit your every work need whether that be from a home office, hybrid classroom or even virtual dorm room. Stack it, organize it and use it any way you see fit!

Function Meets Design

Taking into consideration the biggest frustrations of desk workers, we created this line to meet and exceed the needs of both function and design while mitigating the biggest frustrations such as organization and storage, power solution, customization and cable management. With organization at the heart of our Konnect™ Stackable products, we want you to be able to break free from the desk mess by using any of the storage bins, holders and trays to tackle all clutter. Need a quick charging break? We thought about that too! Charge up any of your electronic devices with our power hubs and USB ports that are conveniently located right at your fingertips. We know you want your desktop to not only function properly but also feature a design reflects you and your work ethic in some way, so why not customize your desk setup? Use these stackable products anyway, anywhere. Simply pick your items, stack them up and expand your system. Major bonus: a built-in cord wrap and channel was created for your phone charger to allow you to easily organize any cords and hide them out of sight!

Kits and Accessories

So, you’re probably wondering where to start, right? Our line of Konnect™ Stackable products ranges from just a Power Hub or Stackable Tray to the ultimate Desk Organizer Power Base with Phone Stand that encompasses everything you’re looking for into one kit! Whether you’re looking for a quick charge, quick change or both, these Stackable kits and accessories are just what you need to transform your workspace into an organizational dream in the blink of an eye or the stack of a product!