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Konnect™ Desk Organizer Power Base with Phone Stand, Black

  • Two built-in USB ports for easy device charging
  • Integrated phone stand for upright nesting is ideal for virtual meetings
  • Shallow trays organize small accessories or hold Konnect™ Stackables
  • Holder for pens, pencils and other writing utensils
  • Back channel stores a tablet or small notebook
  • Cord wrap for easily managing wires and cables
  • Non-slip rubber feet protect surfaces
  • Includes 3' micro USB cord for power - wall adapter not included
  • Three-year limited warranty

Charge your cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices with the Konnect Desk Organizer Power Base with Phone Stand! As the base unit for the Konnect Desktop Organization system, this workstation organizer features two built-in USB ports and an integrated phone stand that securely locks your phone into place while it’s charging. Perfect for working at the office or in the home office, this stackable organizer features multiple compartments to store your accessories, pens and knickknacks – say goodbye to that top junk drawer! From business professionals to college students in school, this charging station also lets you store your tablet or notebooks in the back slot of the organizer while you can use the holder to organize your pens and pencils.

Whether you're working from home, in an office or in a classroom, organization is key to a productive work environment. With the Konnect Stackable Desk Organizer and Power System, your workspace wishes can come true! Our system allows you to break free from the mess with ultimate storage, power solutions, cable management and organization. The best part? You can customize your system to fit your everyday work needs.

Konnect™ Stackable Desk Organizer + Power System
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