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Heavy Duty Staplers

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  1. EZ Squeeze™ 75 Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler in Black
    EZ Squeeze™ 75 Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler
    Special Price $26.99 Regular Price $29.99
  2. Antimicrobial Protected 130 Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler
    130-Sheet Antimicrobial Heavy Duty Stapler, Black
    Special Price $20.69 Regular Price $22.99
  3. Antimicrobial Protected EZ Squeeze™ 130 Sheet Stapler
    EZ Squeeze™ 130-Sheet Antimicrobial Heavy Duty Stapler
    Special Price $53.99 Regular Price $59.99
  4. Extra Heavy Duty Stapler
    215-Sheet Antimicrobial Extra Heavy Duty Stapler, Black
    Special Price $47.99 Regular Price $59.99
  5. Personal Heavy Duty Stapler
    Personal Heavy Duty Stapler, 60 Sheets, Black
    Special Price $21.24 Regular Price $24.99
  6. 60 Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler
    60 Sheet Stapler, Black
    Special Price $19.99 Regular Price $24.99
  7. Heavy Duty Stapler Kit
    Personal Heavy Duty Stapler Value Pack, 60 Sheets
    Special Price $22.09 Regular Price $25.99
  8. Bostitch Heavy Duty Stapler
    Spring-Powered Premium Heavy-Duty Stapler, 65 Sheets
    Special Price $29.69 Regular Price $32.99
  9. Heavy-Duty Stapler
    Spring-Powered Heavy Duty Stapler, 100 Sheets
    Special Price $47.59 Regular Price $55.99
  10. Spring-Powered Heavy-Duty Stapler
    Spring-Powered Heavy Duty Stapler, 60 Sheets
    Special Price $22.94 Regular Price $26.99
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Sometimes a standard stapler just doesn't cut it. You need something with power and the capacity to handle more than your typical 20 sheets of paper. You need a product that can staple through a 50 page business plan or a 100 page medical report. And, more often than not, your tiny desktop model just can't handle it. That's where Bostitch heavy duty staplers come in.

With the power to drive through anywhere from 40 to 215 sheets of paper, these high capacity staplers won't let you down when it comes to power. Choose the right product for your job from a wide range products found here. From different sheet counts to various staple sizes, each heavy duty stapler from Bostitch has special features to fit your task. One of our most popular products in this category is the Personal Heavy Duty Stapler in black. This amazing model can staple between 2 and 60 sheets of paper at once with ease - no need to switch staple sizes or change staplers altogether. Our No-Jam™ technology stops frustrating staple jams. A full rubber base prevents the unit from moving around during high capacity stapling. These features make it easy to stay on top of your productivity game during even the most hectic work weeks.

Sheet Count

Find heavy duty staplers to tackle many different sheet counts. Handle relatively smaller stacks of only 50 sheets of paper with the EZ Squeeze 50 Sheet Heavy Duty stapler. Paper stacks this size are too large for standard staplers, but too small for extra high capacity models. Good thing there's a Bostitch stapler to fit! If it's a large job you have to tackle, look for our larger capacity staplers. Our 215 Sheet Extra Heavy Duty Stapler is up for the toughest jobs. It features an all-metal construction so you know it'll last for years under heavy use. No matter the sheet count, we have a heavy duty office stapler to suit the job.

Staple Size

While finding a stapler to fit your paper count is important, it's just as important to choose the proper staple size. However, when you don't have time to think about swapping staples, look to our Auto180™ Xtreme Duty Stapler for help. This model can staple 2 to 180 sheets of paper at once using only ONE staple size! It trims it's SB38HD Xtreme Duty staples to fit the size of your paper stack. The flat clinch design also allows paper stacks to lay flatter and neater. What more could you want from a high capacity stapler?

EZ Squeeze™

Also popular is our line of EZ Squeeze™ Heavy Duty Staplers. Each model features a innovative technology that requires 50% less effort for the same amount of stapling power! Drive through 50, 75, and even 130 sheets of paper without having to put your body weight on top of the stapler! Plus, a quiet performance makes this heavy duty stapler ideal for busy offices. To take the guess work out of selecting the correct staple size, each product in the EZ Squeeze™ line has staples made especially for it. On top of that, these models are a flash to load and refill.

Experience the power of Bostitch high capacity staplers today and take your office work to the next level!