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Hole Punches

With a majority of our legendary hole punches boasting an unstoppable metal construction for durability, we’ve perfected the design with features that work to meet your needs. From easy-to-empty chip trays to adjustable handles, piercing through stacks of paper has never been so satisfying. How much paper, you ask? Well it all depends on each type of stapler. Our classic 3-hole punches punch up to 12 sheets, while our heavy duty hole punches slice through far more.

With the units that feature EZ Squeeze punching, sore wrists are no longer an issue. Plus, our electric hole punch requires no effort as it operates off of a push of a single button. Even we’re impressed! Our catalog of hole punches is ideal for a variety of environments including classrooms, common areas, crafting rooms, doctor’s offices and at home.

3 Hole Punches

What’s an office supply brand without classic 3-hole punches? Some of our most popular hole punches feature a standard 3-hole configuration. These units punch through 12 sheets of paper and take on a simple look that doesn’t crowd your desktop. Not sure which type of hole punch you need, but what something straightforward? We suggest you start here.

Electric Hole Punch: A special kind of 3-hole punch is the electric hole punch. It can be plugged in or simply operate from batteries, making it suitable for on the go. Requiring no effort from your hands, it punches 3 holes with a single button. How simple is that? The adjustable paper guide ensures accurate hole placement, too.

Metal Construction: If you’re in the market for a hole punch that stands up to the test of time, then you’re in luck. Made from a durable metal construction, our hole punches last through the most extreme settings – even schools! Longevity is our specialty.

Easy-clean Chip Tray: Keeping your workspace neat and tidy is the easy-to-clean chip tray. It captures all paper fall out, preventing paper chips from scattering all over your clear floor. Maintaining that professional aesthetic is important, you know! When it’s full, simply empty through the bottom of the hole punch and ta-da! You’re ready to keep knocking out deadlines.

Adjustable Hole Punches

Sometimes 3 holes don’t cut it, and that’s okay. We offer adjustable hole punches that fit your needs and punch either 2-3 holes or 2-7. These hole punches are great for smaller documents that only need two holes, or larger documents such as office or school projects that require more than three. Don’t let the larger number scare you off; we’re promise these adjustable hole punches are easy to operate.

Metal Construction: Don’t let breakage scare you away – the metal construction ensures that your hole punch is safe inside and out no matter where you use or store it.

Easy-clean Chip Tray: No mess, no problem…and no vacuum! The chip tray traps all paper chips, so you can easy empty it later.

EZ Squeeze Technology: Say goodbye to sore wrists and hello to easy slicing! EZ Squeeze technology offers hole punching that is a breeze. No more struggling to push the handle all the way down because it’s reduced effort.

Adjustable Handle: Many times, hole punches don’t cater to both right or left hand uses. Well, our adjustable hole punches are fully adjustable, not only in terms of the number of holes it produces but also the fact that the handle rotates for both right and left hand users. We see you, lefties! The handle also locks to ensure unit safety when storing or traveling with your hole punch.

Heavy Duty Hole Punches

For big jobs, advise consumers to turn to our heavy duty hole punch. This type punches up to 160 sheets with a reliable hollow mechanism and oversized handle. It is also adjustable as it can switch from a 2 to 3-hole configuration. Like all of the punches, this too features an easy-to-clean chip tray. Incorporate the heavy duty hole punch in any corporate or business office, factory or warehouse.

Antimicrobial Protected: Because this a high-demand hole punch, it’s likely to come in contact with a lot of hands. This hole punch protects itself as it is antimicrobial lined, making it fantastic for shared spaces.

Replaceable Punch Heads: If the punching was ever to become dull, users can easily restore this heavy duty hole punch back to factory-new performance with the replacement steel punch heads and discs. Instead of replacing the whole unit and spending extra cash, this is the easy fix.

EZ Squeeze Hole Punches

Reduced effort calls for increased punching. The EZ Squeeze hole punches are great for those whose jobs require a lot of punching day-to-day, or users who may experience carpal tunnel, muscle or joint issues. It requires 50% less force and has many other added benefits.

Metal Construction: Durability and EZ Squeeze is the desired combination when it comes to a hole punch as that means it’s high volume and reduced effort. Standing strong even in the harshest of settings, it features a full metal design for protection.

Easy-clean Chip Tray: The chip tray prevents paper chips from flooding your floors. A clean environment means you staying stress-free and focused.

Integrated Paper Guide: Avoid ruining your perfect documents with sloppy holes as the integrated paper guide ensures consistent hole placement each time.

Locking Handle: Great for transporting this hole punch or compactly storing it away in the nearest drawer or closet, it features a locking handle for added safety.

Kids Hole Punches

While all of our hole punches are great for school settings, our binder hole punches are especially great for kids. They are compact and colorful, with a design that houses them securely in a three-ring binder. It even features an integrated ruler for quick measuring, making this a 2-in-1 product! Great for travel or in the classroom, this kids’ hole punch definitely is handy.