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Xtreme Heavy-Duty Hole Punch, 2-3 Holes


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  • Hollow punch mechanism assures a clean punch through of up to 130 sheets
  • Adjusts to punch 2 to 3 9/32-Inch holes
  • Easy to remove chip tray

This heavy-duty hole punch blows the competition out of the water in a few key areas. First, the 3 hole punch features a whopping 130 sheet capacity. This makes it ideal for lawyers, insurance brokers, college professors and more! Many other high-capacity punches only offer a max capacity of 100 paper sheets. Next, the unit is completely adjustable. Users can easily change the punching configuration from 3 holes to 2 holes depending on their needs. Last, this unit contains all the features that show come standard in any punch. Each Xtreme duty hole punch features an adjustable paper guide and a high capacity chip catching tray. Best of all, users can purchase replacement punch heads and discs to return their puncher to out-of-the-box condition! Why buy a whole new punch when you can swap out the punch heads? If you plan to use your heavy-duty hole punch daily, this is a great option to consider!

Product Specifications

UPC: 077914032007
WEIGHT: 10.7 lbs
LENGTH: 13.75"
WIDTH: 16"
COLOR: Black
CAPACITY: 130 Sheets

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