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Manual Pencil Sharpeners

We all remember the old metal pencil sharpener mounted to the wall by the door of our childhood elementary school classroom. There's a reason this style of sharpener has survived decades of use in busy school environments - they are convenient, easy to use and very durable. Bostitch Office is here to bring you a new and improved version of this classic manual pencil sharpener. With a durable all metal construction and die-cast base, this sharpener is built to last. An oversized handle makes it kid-friendly while the anti-microbial protected exterior makes it perfect for classroom use. Each manual sharpener comes with an easy mounting base. Some models includes screws for permanent mounting to a wall or table clamp hardware for temporary mounting on a desk or table.

When it comes to manual pencil sharpeners, the wall mounted style isn't the only option. Our Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp™ is a pencil sharpener with a twist - no pun intended! This model features a ratchet mechanism that allows you to sharpen your pencil much faster than standard sharpeners. The Twist-n-Sharp™ also features a special knob that allows you to choose between a pointed or blunt tip for your pencil. This feature is something that's especially handy when sketching and drawing with colored pencils! A blunt tip is great for shading work while a pointed ideal is ideal for details. When it comes time to empty the shavings from your sharpener, simply flip open the unit's side shavings compartment.

Manual pencil sharpeners are no longer antiques from the past! Shop Bostitch Office products for new and improved office supplies today!