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Twist-n-Sharp™ Duo Pencil Sharpener, 3-Pack

  • Set of 3 includes one sharpener of each color
  • Two (2) holes accommodate standard and jumbo pencils
  • Ratchet mechanism for fast and easy twist sharpening
  • Adjustable knob for sharp or blunt pencil tip
  • Compact design conveniently fits in any school or travel bag
  • Tip Saver™ Technology prevents over sharpening, extending pencil life
  • Easy clean shavings tray captures pencil shavings

With this 3-pack, now you can sharpen two pencil sizes with a colorful assortment of jumbo pencil sharpeners! Each sharpener features two holes – the first for standard pencils and the second for jumbo or “starter” size pencils. Starter pencils are easier to hold and maneuver because they are thicker than regular pencils, and therefore are the ideal writing utensils for beginning writers. And with this versatile sharpener, now you can sharpen both sizes! By ordering this 3-pack, you're guaranteed to save money and receive this jumbo pencil sharpener in each of the kid-friendly colors. A member of the Twist-n-Sharp ™ family, this product also uses a ratchet mechanism. This allows you to sharpen pencils with more speed and ease! An easy-open shavings tray ensures a clean and tidy desktop. And the Tip Saver Technology ™ prevents over-sharpening, prolonging pencil life. The numerous features of the Twist-n-Sharp™ Duo Pencil Sharpener make it a great option for kids and classrooms everywhere!

Product Specifications
COLOR: Blue, Orange, Pink
HEIGHT: 5.88"
LENGTH: 3.91"
WIDTH: 1.5"
NUMBER OF SHARPENERS: 1 Standard, 1 Jumbo
SHARPENER METHOD: Handheld, Manual
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