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Office Supplies

Bostitch Office is proud to offer nearly everything you need for a successful day at work all in one place. We are known for our legendary office supplies that cater to all your requests. From our multi-purpose scissors all the way down to the easy-to-use laminators, our office products don’t just do their job, they go above and beyond to impress. Reliable and providing ease with every use, no better choice exists.

We wouldn’t be innovators of office supplies without offering the classics. Our staplers are crafted to be among the best, offering multiple uses and benefits that set them apart from existing units on the market. As you browse our online site, you will come across staplers that double as pencil sharpeners or feature hidden compartments for staple storage. Pretty cool, right? Enjoy the value kits that come with everything you need for the perfect stapling experience, including removers and complimentary staples.

Organize your array of loose papers with the help of our hole punches. Choose between a Bostitch heavy-duty, standard 3-hole, or an electric hole punch. Really, you can’t go wrong with either choice. Each have a handy chip tray to catch all paper fallout to maintain your tidy work zone. We knew you’d appreciate that. Better yet, make all your documents last longer with any of the paper laminators. With each use, you can turn regular paperwork into sleek, divine documents, ideal for upcoming presentations and creating reusable reference sheets. What more could you want from your office supplies?

It can be hard to complete any real project without a reliable pair of scissors. Slice through sheets of paper with ease while experiencing the utmost comfort with any of our precision steel, ergonomic 8-inch scissors. While you’re at it, equip your classroom with a set of kid-friendly Stanley scissors, perfect for crafting.

Our variety of manual, electric, and battery-operated pencil sharpeners are great for offices and at-home use. Though, they are especially perfect for teachers as there is a selection of classroom-specific units. These specialty sharpeners include technology that automatically halts sharpening once the pencil is fully sharp and a powerful motor that withstands continuous use. We also have sharpeners that are perfect for kids and to sharpen any tip while on-the-go.

Your personal office supplies don’t have to be an eye-sore to your desktop. Instead, they can contribute to the design. A majority of our Bostitch office supplies for sale come in a variety of bright, fun colors to make your desktop look sharp and lively. Think of each unit as a piece of office décor. Office décor with functionality, that is. Compact, stylish and vibrant, what’s not to love? Whether you’re a business professional, teacher, or parent, we’re confident our range office supplies can successfully complete any and every job.