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The Bostitch Office LED floor lamps feature a wide range of styles to suit any home or office for instant and efficient décor. From adjustable to chrome and gooseneck, these floor lamps offer modern, contemporary and minimalist design among immeasurable illumination. With energy-efficient LED lighting and top-notch design, these lamps are perfect for reading, studying and any tasks or crafts.

These high-quality lamps boast natural lighting to give any living room or office the brightness it needs to keep you focused on the task at hand. The Adjustable LED Floor Lamp offers a modern, contemporary design that is perfect for illuminating all aspects of your life. Super thin and standing 51 inches tall, the Minimalist Chrome Floor Lamp takes on a simple look with a polished finish. Ideal for lighting up any space, the flexible Gooseneck Floor Lamp features a silicone arm that easily moves to position light zones.

 Adjustable Design

With a flexible neck and adjustable lamp head that swivels, the Bostitch Office floor lamps offer total maneuverability to give you the best light possible, no matter where you need it. The arc and curve of the gooseneck and adjustable lamps allow you to control the light positioning to get the best angle for you.

The silicone arm of the Gooseneck Floor Lamp is easy to move and adjust for a flicker-free light zone. While the Adjustable Floor Lamp features a flexible neck to help you light up any room, it also has a weighted based for increased stability. The Minimalist Chrome Floor Lamp is great for various task lighting with an adjustable lamp head that swivels 360 degrees for directional lighting.

Modern Style

These floor lamps are hard to compare to the rest with their stylish and sleek design. These lamps feature various modern styles to complement contemporary homes and offices. You don’t need to take a page out of Architectural Digest to create your very own chic environment, all you need is one of our Bostitch floor lamps!

Featuring complementary colors like black and chrome, these floor lamps will bring a high-class design and feel to any environment. Working well with all neutral and bright colors, these lamps can call any place home as they complement any color palette.  


Not only are these floor lamps stylish and adjustable, they’re also energy-efficient and cost-efficient — helping to save you money on your electric bills. The Bostitch lamps use cost-efficient LEDs that last up to 25,000 and 50,000 hours depending on your choice of lamp. They also use 85% less energy than incandescent lamps. No matter which brightness setting you choose, these lamps will always stay energy-efficient! Our lamps were built to use energy and money-saving LEDs.

 Bostitch LED Technology

All the Bostitch LED floor lamps feature the high-quality Bostitch LED technology with optimized diffusing elements to create ultra-bright, expanded light zones that are free of shadows, flickers, halos and glares. The natural daylight LEDs have been fine-tuned to emit a color temperature equivalent to bright noontime light. The clarity and contrast of this true-to-life color is intended to reduce eyestrain while providing lighting that is powerful enough for home and office environments.