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Konnect™ Monitor + Desk Risers

Whether you're working from a home office or working in a communal office, setting up an ergonomic work station is crucial for productivity and a healthy work environment. Having a poor desk or cubicle set up can leave you with a sore back, neck, and shoulders, while also prohibiting you from your everyday work functions. Addressing these common concerns of working at a desk all day, Bostitch has launched a new line of Monitor Stands and Sit Stand Desk Risers that will help you function better at work while also supplying you with tons of ergonomic benefits.

Monitor Risers
When thinking about an ergonomic work hub, it's important to think about how you should keep your desk neat and organized while also considering the adjustments you can make to have a healthy workday. By elevating your monitor to a comfortable eye level on our Konnect Adjustable Monitor Stand, it can help to improve viewing angle and eye stress. Ideal for a laptop or monitor, this modern stand has four adjustable height options and features a bonus storage area underneath to keep small keyboards, notebooks, and other desk accessories organized. Looking for an extra spot to charge your electronics? The Wireless Charging Monitor Stand features a built-in wireless charging pad for Qi-enabled devices while also combating neck and eye strain by elevating a screen's viewing point.

Sit Stand Desk Workstations
We hear it time and time again — sitting all day is unhealthy. But for those who work at a desk all day, it can be hard to not sit all day if you don't have the correct workstation setup. That's where Bostitch Office comes in to save you from sitting all day. With our new line of Sit Stand Desk Workstations, we're making it that much easier for you to stay productive and healthy with an ergonomic workspace! Our Standing Desk Converter with Wireless Charging Pad comes in both electric and manual adjustments so you can choose the right version for your needs. Both Sit Stand Desk Workstations easily turn any workspace into a standing desk with the quick push of a button. The best part? You can adjust the height to how you want it — customize your workspace exactly how you want it. Both desk converters also feature a built-in wireless charging pad for any Qi-enabled devices so you can keep your devices at the same height as your monitor screen.