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Twist-n-Sharp™ Kids Pencil Sharpener, Assorted Colors

In stock | SKU: PS1-ADJ

Twist-n-Sharp™ Pencil Sharpener
  • Ratchet mechanism offers easy twist and fast sharpening
  • Adjustable knob for sharp or blunt pencil tip
  • Compact design conveniently fits in any school or travel bag
  • Tip Saver Technology™ prevents over sharpening, extending pencil life
  • Easy clean shavings tray captures pencil shavings
  • Comes in an assortment of trendy translucent colors: pink, blue, orange

Order includes one (1) sharpener. Color is selected at random.

Twist-n-Sharp™ Pencil Sharpener


Sharpen pencils to the perfect pointed or blunt tip with a few twists of your wrists! The Twist-n-Sharp is equipped with a special ratchet mechanism that makes manual sharpening quick and effortless for all ages, plus its compact size makes it perfect for any school or travel bag. Its Tip Saver Technology™ prevents oversharpening, while an adjustable knob allows you to sharpen your pencils to a standard pointed or blunt tip. An easy to clean, built-in shavings tray captures pencil shavings to reduce mess. The Twist-n-Sharp is offered in an assortment of bright and trendy translucent colors including blue, orange and pink.


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