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Konnect™ Stackable Storage Tray, White

  • Organizes sticky notes, paperclips, cords, and other small desktop essentials
  • Stack multiple trays to optimize storage and save coveted desk space
  • Compatible with the Konnect™ Desk Organizer Power Base and other Konnect™ Stackables
  • Three-year limited warranty

As part of the Konnect Stackables line, this Konnect Stackable Storage Tray is perfect for the college student in school or employee working from their home office who wants an organized desk! Featuring an open top compartment, this small, stackable bin easily organizes everything from notepads and paperclips, to Post It notes and thumbtacks, as well as any all other small desktop essentials. The storage tray can stand alone or be stacked for more storage that can easily hold other office supplies or school supplies. Get total desktop organization by adding the Konnect Desk Organizer Power Base and other Konnect Stackables.

Whether you're working from home, in an office or in a classroom, organization is key to a productive work environment. With the Konnect Stackable Desk Organizer and Power System, your workspace wishes can come true! Our system allows you to break free from the mess with ultimate storage, power solutions, cable management and organization. The best part? You can customize your system to fit your everyday work needs.

Konnect™ Stackable Desk Organizer + Power System
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